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About our company

Kronos Vurst company is engaged in supplying firms with "Van Hees Gmbh" food supplements, natural sausage casing and dried milk.

Kronos Vurst employees have been working more than for 10 years. During this time wide experience in new technological solutions, which will provide you, as our customers, advantages for severe competitive struggle while producing the most quality, appetizing and wholesome meat foods, was accumulated.

Having been based on phosphates, mineral salts, bioorganic preparations and exotic spice, "Van Hees Gmbh" production allows making about 400 compositions for producing the most tasty and manifold boiled, boil-smoked, semi-smoked, summer sausages, hams and specialties.

It is special components being part of Van Hees Gmbh food supplements that imparts appetizing color, aroma and taste to meat foods.

Because of high functional properties Van Hees Gmbh food supplements allows getting an additional profit for producers and putting on the market meat foods with heightened shelf life without product deterioration.

We take care of consumer's health, so we offer you Van Hees Gmbh food supplements which don't contain soy or any other genetically modified stuff. All "Van Hees Gmbh" products have European quality certificates and are admitted to use when producing foods in countries with very strict legislation, i.e. Germany, Austria, England, Denmark etc.

Efficiency, accumulated experience, effective comprehensive technological support and our ability to adapt to continually changing market demands are the reason of "Kronos Vurst " success!



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